Pallet flow Racking - ASKO Vest, Norway

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Pallet flow Racking - ASKO Vest, Norway

ASKO Vest AS is part of Norway's largest trading house, NorgesGruppen. It is responsible for the overall flow of goods from food manufacturers to grocery stores, food service, corner shops and convenience stores.

When ASKO Vest moved into a new building, they wanted an optimum utilisation of their food storage, adapted to their needs. It was required that the installation could be operated by more than one worker at a time, and that the safety would effectively take care of all workers, goods, racking and trucks.

The solution was to use conventional stationary racks, P90-Silverline, used in the plants for cooled, frozen and dry groceries.  It included upright protection for increased safety, optical guiding for trucks, energy absorbent frame protectors, pallet stoppers, mesh shelves and labeling.

Pallet places: ca.30250 pallets
Rack length: 55-80 m
Rack height: 8 meter
Pallets in height: 5/6 pallets