Narrow Aisle, Pallet Racking P90 - Novo Nordisk, Denmark

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Narrow Aisle, Pallet Racking P90 - Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Novo Nordisk had their storage area optimized with Mobile Pallet Racking. The company is  worldwide manufacturer and producer of medical products. This installation is unique and the first of its kind in Denmark.

An existing warehouse of 480 square meters has been space optimized by means of mobile pallet racks (MOVO) in a narrow-aisle installation.


This warehouse is used for picking, and therefore all pallet places on floor level have been equipped with pallet suspension. The other, higher levels are used for buffer storage and packing.

Some of the pallet places on floor level consist of pull-out units with HI280 small items racking.

The installation offers 960 pallets places which are handled by a special narrow-aisle truck. This truck has inductive control (wire cut into floor) and drives across the MOVO rails cut in the floor.


Warehouse area: 480 m2
Upper beam level: 9100 mm
Aisle width: 1800 mm
System dimensions: 18,7 meter x 14,8 meter
Max goods height: 10 600 mm
Narrow-aisle truck: Man up, inductive control