A once-in a lifetime installation – Jula doubles storage capacity with Mobile Pallet Racking

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A once-in a lifetime installation – Jula doubles storage capacity with Mobile Pallet Racking

Jula is the story of an international DIY and building products retailer that began in the late 1970’s in Sweden with founders Lars-Göran and Irene Blank, producing the Jula wood chipper. 

As demand for Jula chippers increased, so did customers needs for spare parts, and the realisation for a warehouse was born. Jula quickly grew and more products were introduced together with the first mail order catalogue. 

Since then, sales have gone from strength to strength, with Jula extending repeatedly to accommodate this growth, until, finally, Jula were looking for yet more additional space.

Something to build on – with a total of 220,000 pallet spaces

Having reached full capacity, Jula agreed with Constructor on a new 47,000 m2 warehouse extension, to be built as a so-called compact installation with mobile pallet racking providing 110,000 pallet spaces. This solution almost doubles Jula’s storage capacity by providing their central warehouse with a total capacity of 220,000 pallet spaces. The compact installation functions as a buffer storage facility for full pallets of all types of articles which are picked and shipped directly to shops.

Jula chose MOVO to maximise their warehouse functionality. 'This pallet racking has been well equipped with a number of optional accessories, e.g. night mode and centrally managed lighting. Jula has really optimised functionality', Sales Manager Peter Johansson explains.

The new installation provides a compact storage solution, whose  mobile racking control system has been connected to Jula’s existing WMS. The MOVO trolleys are controlled by a Siemens software system developed by Constructor’s own technician at their German factory. Logistics Manager Lennar Karlsson elaborates: 'An investment of this size has to be efficient. We have achieved this by connecting the new racking with our WMS.  In future we will be able to operate with fewer staff. All management and picking will take place via WMS, the system will show the way and co-ordinate the operation of our 4 picking trucks. Our new 47,000m2 holds the same capacity as the original 100,000 m2 footprint.'

Moving roads to install of 1,600 tonnes of steel

Constructor’s MOVO installation was carried out in two main phases. In phase one, a full 7,500 metres of rails were cast by 10 men working over an 11 week period. The rails weighed approx. 270 tonnes and were delivered on 15 trucks arriving every second day during the installation.

Assembly manager Mats Börjesson: 'This is the largest installation we have made so far in Sweden and this warehouse will operate 24/7.'

Warehouse manager Per Lund says: 'Our biggest challenge with this fourth extension was moving the road in order to obtain a more effective infrastructure, which was not easy. We also had to establish a new warehouse entrance and exit to facilitate the traffic flow by separating car traffic from heavy truck traffic.' A wise decision as approx. 200 trucks are being loaded and unloaded on a daily basis.

A once-in-a-lifetime installation job

Phase two of the installation, the racking, took 13 weeks and was completed by up to 20 installation workers at a time. An incredible 13 blocks with a total capacity of 54,800 pallet spaces were delivered on 55 trucks which arrived from Constructor’s factory in Germany.

'This has been a once-in-a-lifetime installation job. During the installation we had one truck arriving every day with material. We completed the installation 2 weeks ahead of schedule which is remarkable, especially with a project of this size,' concludes Mats Börjesson.

The foundation for future growth has now been laid. At the rear end of the new warehouse rails for another 12 MOVO blocks are ready and waiting for additional racking.