Bring Cargo installs Deepstore from Constructor

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Bring Cargo installs Deepstore from Constructor

When Bring Cargo decided to build a new warehouse for the transit and  storage of clipfish, they chose deepstore racking from Constructor.

One of the major challenges of this installation, was the floor sloping towards the middle of the room which required the racking to be levelled.

Bring made an important decision to build a new warehouse in the port of Ålesund, Norway, as they no longer wanted to store pallets with packed clipfish in containers up until the point of shipping.

This brought about challenges not only in terms of handling, but also in terms of space, as their need for transit storage had grown over the years. With the main fishing season running from April-September, this natural commodity, with unpredicable variances in stock and volume, made it critrical for Bring to have flexible storage system.

Bring either collects the fish from their suppliers, or the fish arrives by boat. As the manufacturers do not have any storage space, it is key for them to be able to forward the clipfish on as quickly as possible. The fish is then stored in transit for a period of time which can vary from one day to three months.

Constructor installed galvanised deepstore racking on three levels, enabling them to receive between 100 and 300 pallets of fish at a time. Bring also has two dry storage tooms of 250 m2 and 625 m2.

The floor slopes downwards towards the middle of the room, and therefore each upright has been levelled acurately. The clipfish is packed in cartons or wooden boxes, and stored on pallets in each channel. The channel in all three levels corresponds what can be stored in one single container.