Imero installs rollrack to enhance their handling of senstitive steel

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Imero installs rollrack to enhance their handling of senstitive steel

Imero is a wholesaler of metals and stainless steel which is used by their customers for commercial projects. Imero supplies sheet metal, pipes and profiles in aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel.

When the two sister companies merged, forming Imero Gunnar F. Höglund AB, they decided to relocate the warehouse from Norrköping to Västerås.

Today Imero has more than 70 years’ experience and is one of the largest stockist of plates, rods, tubes and profiles in stainless steel in Scandinavia.

This move also commanded more storage space, as the company had collectively expanded by 600 m2.

The requirement:

Imero needed to be able to store and safely handle delicate stainless steel. Constructor recommended the rollrack solution, as this system would optimise the available space and ensure that the stainless steel profiles were simple to store and quick to pick, while ensuring the stainless steel profiles remained easy to move around. 

The solution:

The sole purpose of the rollrack solution was for the storage and handling of stainless steel profiles. Joakim Grenblad explains: "In the rollrack we store the stainless steel which is destined for commercial use, and therefore needs to be in pristine condition. The handling of this steel is very delicate, as it is a sensitive material which needs handling with care. The steel is delivered in standard metre lengths, which is then cut to size."


Length: 11 000 mm 11 000 mm
Height: 2 200 mm
Number of sections: 127
Number of section sizes: 4
Max load / section: 1500 kg