The Book Service, UK

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The Book Service, UK - Constructor Shelving System Hi280

The Book Service (TBS) needed additional picking locations for lower volume, slower turnover, small items that would be delivered alongside books to their shops, for this Dexion supplied their HI280 shelving system with dividers.


The Client

TBS is the UK’s leading book distributor and operates from a well invested, purpose-built, greenfield site at Frating Green, Colchester, Essex. TBS is at the forefront of book distribution in the UK, handling 31,000 individual titles and delivering to around 9000 destinations worldwide, TBS needs to continuously invest in technology and facilities to maximise their efficiency and to minimise costs.

Managing the distribution of over 100 million books a year, means offering a wide-ranging distribution service, tailored to meet client publishers’ and customers’ needs. TBS’s operational flexibility, combined with hi-tech automated handling systems, are key elements in delivering high levels of availability and accuracy within short lead times.

So when TBS took over  the storage of additional items also for distribution to book stores along with their books, they needed to add a large number of locations to their warehouse for small size, low volume, slow moving items, such as CD’s, or older books of which just the last few of a print run remained.


The Solution

TBS decided to invest in a large number of bays of bolt free shelving and opted for the modern looking, galvanised HI280 shelving system. Each bay has several fully adjustable shelves that don’t require shelf clips and have moveable dividers, thus creating numerous picking locations, even on one shelf. The volume of these pick locations was then easily adjustable depending upon the size and number of each item being stored.

The assembly of the shelves was so simple that the book service used its own employees for the assembly of the shelves with the minimum of fuss.



  • In total 532 bays of shelving were supplied
  • Ranging in height from 1800mm to 2100mm high
  • 1000mm to 1290mm wide
  • Each bay consists of 5 or 7 shelves (dependent upon height and location in the warehouse)
  • Providing the Book Service with a total of almost 3000metres of shelving broken up with dividers into many picking locations.