Multi Tier Hi280 - MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

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Multi Tier Hi280 - MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

In the small storage capacity of MTU, Dexion has combined floor constructions; P90 racking on the floor, above a ME250 floor with HI280 shelving and on top another ME250 floor.

MTU Detroit Diesel

MTU Detroit Diesel Benelux has the regional responsibility in Sales, After-Sales support, Marketing & Application Engineering for the complete range of MTU, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz industrial engines and VM Motori products for the Benelux region.

They offer the most comprehensive range of products, with diesel engine and gas turbine solutions ranging from 15kW to 27,600kW for Marine, Industrial, PowerGen and Rail applications.

MTU Detroit Diesel needed to store differing goods of varied measurements and weights, in a small space. By using the height of the building it was possible to store the goods as efficiently as possible. MTD were delighted with previous works carried out at another site by Constructor and so had no hesitation in placing an order to install their warehouse facilities again.

It was decided to store the variety of goods in a mixture of P90 pallet racking and Hi280 shelving. On the ground for the large and heavy items P90 pallet racking was installed, above which was space for a ME250 mezzanine floor system. On the ME250 floor Hi280 shelving was installed to create a picking area for the smaller components. On top of Hi280 Constructor built another ME250 mezzanine floor. Elsewhere in the warehouse a double level, free standing ME250 mezzanine floor structure was also installed with tilting gates.

Pallet Racking P90:

  • 50 sections of 2,500 x 2,700 x 1.100 mm (h x l x d) with 3 beam levels
  • P90 mezzanine floor of 570 m2, loads up 600 kg/m2

Shelving System Hi280:

  • 235 sections of 2,500 x 1,000 x 500 mm (h x l x d) with 5 shelves
  • HI280 mezzanine floor of 380 m2, loads up 400 kg/m2

Mezzanine Systems ME250:

  • Free standing floor, 2 floors together 175 m2. Carrying capacity:
  • 1st floor: 600 kg/m2
  • 2nd floor: 400 kg/m2

Additional items:

  • Approximately 75 m railing
  • 3 staircases
  • 3 tilting gates