Mobile Shelving - Lindströms Bil, Sweden

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Mobile Shelving - Lindströms Bil, Sweden

Lindströms Bil AB located in city Skövde in Sweden has decided to expand its businesses by investing in a brand new so called TIRE HOTEL. This means building a new highly efficient warehouse in order to store and handle summer and winter tires in direct connection to the existing premises.

The problem was to find the optimal and customer friendly storage solution for the new tire hotel based on planned size of warehouse, investment and ergonomically handling, in- and out loading of tires in the storage system. 

The solution: Storage system for tires build on mobile bases, Compactus®, so called compact storage giving double storage capacity compared with traditional storage solutions. Due to the fact that Constructor entered the project at an early stage the planning was made for integrating the rails for the mobiles to the floor already at the construction of the new building.

The demand for warehouse capacity was 4000 tires. Compact storage reduce the number of access aisles to one in order to reach a certain tire set and consequently reduce the demanded space to approx 50%  compared with traditional storage. This resulted in a room of 300m² instead of 600m². A total saving of the production cost for building 300m².