Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

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Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

Scandinavian eyewear is one of the leading suppliers and design companies in Scandinavia of fashion glasses and spare parts. The company is located in Jönköping and fast expanding its product portfolio with new models and at new markets.

The increasing demand for storage space ended up in three alternatives. To move, to expand existing premises or invest in a completely new warehouse system.


The solution became a compromise where a decision was taken to replace the existing traditional shelving system (600 m² floor space) in the warehouse with Tornado storage machines.

Due to the many articles the machine had to be 14 m high. This forced an expansion of the building in height and in the ground floor. However the outcome is a very well running movable warehouse storing of 40.000 articles in two Tornados. An extra advantage is released floor space now used by the R & D department.


2 Tornado storage machines. Height 14 m, with 4,5 m and depth 3 m. Each Tornado has132 pallets with dimension 4000x820 mm.

The 264 pallets are equal to 850 m²

Picking capacity: 5000 articles/pick per 8 hour shift.