Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Dani-tech, Denmark

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Lift Systems (TORNADO) - Dani-tech, Denmark

When Dani-tech moved into new premises, the company seized the opportunity to optimize their warehouse with 4 intelligent storage machines.

The installation of 4 Tornado machines has made a significant difference in terms of efficiency, control, working environment and safety precautions. Furthermore, the company saves a lot of time and space compared to the old rack installation.

The 4 TORNADO machines contain components which are not only used in the daily production, but also sent directly to customers. The high efficiency of the machines has increased the productivity in the entire company. Previously, salesmen and assembly workers had to participate in the physical handling of articles in the warehouse. This is no longer required, and they can now focus on their real work: selling and assembling machines. The warehouse has taken over more tasks which have liberated resources for growth and production elsewhere in the company.

Picking is done quicker with fewer errors which has improved customer satisfaction.

No. of Tornado: 4 pcs.
Height of Tornado: 6 meter
Tray width: 4000 mm
Tray depth: 820 mm
Total no. of shelf meter: 660 square meter
No. of trays: 50 in each Tornado