VDL Containersystem, Netherlands

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VDL Containersystem, Netherlands - Constructor Carton Flow

Dexion has provided the production area of VDL Containersystemen, manufacturer and the distributor of hydraulic container handling equipment, with carton flow based on HI280 solution.

Kanban System

VDL Container Systems works with the Kanban system. It works with 2 bins, when the first bin is empty, the empty bin goes into a collection tray. This is used as a signal that restocking should occur. Then the 2nd bin moves forward and so starts the restocking again.

Carton flow

Dexion has offered various solutions and in consultation with the customer was, because of the good connection to the Kanban system, chosen for carton flow based on the HI280 solution. The plastic bins are automatically pushed when the first bin is removed.


  • Standard HI280 shelving easy to convert to Carton Flow;
  • Space for 2 bins in a row, according to the Kanban system;
  • Each supplier has its own color bin, so orderly inventory;
  • Suitable for FiFo principle;
  • Pick locations are side by side, so less walking distance and more time saving.

Products supplied:

Carton flow based on HI280 solution.