Carton Flow - Nanso Group, Finland

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Carton Flow - Nanso Group, Finland

In August 2007, Nanso Group launched its new logistics centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The building of 13100 m2 has 3 tiers or levels of shelving and 3-tiers/layers of pallet racking such that the total floor area is a huge 33000 m2. The centre is the largest and most up-to-date clothing industry logistics facility in the Nordic countries.

Nanso Group's headquarters and main production facilities are located in Nokia. The company has production units also in Tornio and Tallinn. Some products that they are not manufacturing themselves are bought from the Far East such as bed-sheets and women’s underwear. All Nanso Group’s products pass through their logistics centre.

Nanso product mix is very fancy, products are picked from cartons and hangers, the heaviest tricot products are stored on pallets. The enormous volume and variety of products to be picked sets a big challenge for the logistics department.

Half of the warehouse is fitted out with a 3-tier/level shelving system and the other half with a 3-tier/level racking system for half pallets. Volume products packed in cartons and on pallets are stored in pallet flow racking. Conveyors move the products between tiers and the racks and on to the dispatch area.

The total number of different items is about 60000 pcs in the warehouse. On average 7500 lines are picked per day which means that the number of products to be dispatched is from 70000 to over 100000 pcs per day. The number of picking places and the variety of the shelving and racking systems makes this logistics centre quite unique. Voice directed order picking is also used in the warehouse.

3-tier shelving:
38500 shelf meters
14 shelves/section

Fifo-racking in both ends of the shelving:
565 pcs fifo lanes for half pallets (800 mm*600 mm), depth 2 pallets
Fifo lanes for cartons, depth 1228 mm and width 1994 mm

P90 3-tier pallet racking for half pallets:
41256 pallet places (800 mm*600 mm)
The beams are supplied with shelves
654 pcs fifo lanes

P90 pallet racking:
2592 pcs pallet spaces for half pallets
432 pcs EUR-pallet spaces
floor + 5 beam levels