Runsven Group invests in Pallet Flow system at the shipping department

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Runsven Group invests in Pallet Flow system at the shipping department

The central warehouse of The Runsven group supplies its own stores with daily shipments. The majority of the products are shipped from the central warehouse in Skänninge. A bottle neck in the logistic flow was the shipping department demanding a change in order to mange its tasks.

The solution: Constructor Sweden is since long a close collaborator and has over time delivered and installed warehouse equipment at the Runsven Group. Of natural reasons Constructor was contacted in order to find a quick and smart solution of the lack of capacity at the shipping department. The solution proved to be a PalletFlow rack in double height. This solution took care of the volume as well as the floor space of the building in an optimal way. The capacity of the new PalletFlow system is 2048 pallet locations. The width is 64 gangways and the depth 16 pallets. The frame work of the racking consists of pallet racking P90 supplied with 17.200 rollers for short side handling of EU-pallets. The pallets are placed at the entrance of the run and are transported by its own weight throw the leaning racking where at the end a transporter load the pallets on trucks.

The result of the latest expansion:

  • A 40% increase of volume capacity, 1300 pallets daily
  • Only a very limited increase of staff
  • Faster and more precise shipments to the stores.