Warehousing & Distribution Centres - Netthandelen, Norway

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Warehousing & Distribution Centres - Netthandelen, Norway

Netthandelen of Norway is the largest online auction site in Norway.

After an extraordinary development, Netthandelen Norge AS, had to look for new premises. The decision was a totally new building, totalling 13000 m2, including 11200 m2 store. Netthandelen needed efficient solutions in the store, to handle many users simultaneously.

The solution was a Narrow aisle system, utillising Constructor P90 racking, close to all the loading docks, to achieve a rapid movement of the goods - in and out.

To separate between the trucks and the “soft workers”, there was established a turnaround for the trucks and a passage way behind the racking, which was secured by wire mesh fencing /walls.

Pallet places: 12366 pallets
Length: 45,5 meters
Height: 11 meters (6 pallets in the height)