Expert, Sweden – New Nordic logistic Centre

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Expert, Sweden – New Nordic logistic Centre

Expert is one of the leading distributors in the Nordic countries of electronics and white goods. It was a big challenge to invest in a large futuristic central warehouse.

Expert was before the new central warehouse was established served by four region warehouses located in different areas and countries. Those warehouses supplied the 800 shops with all kind of electronic articles and white goods. Cost reduction was the main reason for the decision to invest in a new logistic centre with the aim to serve all the Nordic countries.

After an initial analysis in order to find the optimal location from logistic point of view the choice became Skillingaryd in Sweden. Central located, optimal land/ground conditions and most important an extraordinary well developed infrastructure in railway and highways in direct connection to the plant. The central warehouse has a size of 60.000m2 and an option of another 25.000m2. The warehouse has a low grade of automation which opens up for traditional pallet racking, Constructor P90, in 10m height. Totally 12.000 pallet locations. The internal transport is executed by 60 fork lifters. The warehouse has different zones of security, divided by Troax security mesh solution system including access code system depending on product category and the value of goods.   

The result of the investments

  • Reduction of number of warehouses from 4 to one central located logistic centre
  • A higher degree of effectiveness, less staff and faster shipments (24 hour service)
  • Considerable cost savings