Food & Drink storage - Bristol Ports, UK

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Food & Drink storage - Bristol Ports, UK

Dexion's Drive-in pallet racking solves a chiller room problem for The Bristol Port Company's fruit storage warehouse.

The Bristol Port Company’s fresh produce terminal, known as ‘S’ Shed, which lies within Avonmouth docks, has a taste of the world about it. The vast warehouse stores are all full of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, along with other food stuffs requiring ambient temperature, which arrives from all around the world.

The 'S' Shed' s Chiller room project:

Phase 1, 2003 

  • 8,000 pallet rack spaces
  • 9 different, independently temperature controlled cells were provided

Business quickly grew for the company and more space was needed for certain periods of the year.

Phase 2

  • An additional 6,000 pallet rack spaces.

Having already supplied the port with P90 pallet racking for the chiller room of Phase 1, Bristol Storage (A Dexion UK Distributor), also won the tender to provide pallet racking for this second chiller room.

Our experience on Phase One confirmed Dexion’s reputation for providing a quality product. We had received excellent service, when working closely with the company during phase 1”, said Wayne Birch, Senior Supervisor at the Bristol Port Company.

However, Phase 2 storage was different from phase 1.

  • The pallets in Phase 2 would be heavier and stored in smaller cells.
  • This would enable temperature control for individual produce to be more easily controlled. Such as kiwis which give of ethanol and can’t be stored with other fruit


The Added Problem

  • The racking was also designed to incorporate the heavy chiller units used for maintaining the temperature in the chiller room cells. (See picture of racking here)
  • Beams extending out from the racking took the full weight of the chiller units
  • This avoided the need for suspending them from the ceiling of the chiller room.