Food & Drink storage - Arla Foods, Taulov, Denmark

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Food & Drink storage - Arla Foods, Taulov, Denmark

Arla Foods' cheese dairy in Taulov contains a high rise warehouse, which is unique in Scandinavia due to its size, level of automation and flexibility – and due to the fact that part of the production, i.e. the maturation process takes place in the warehouse.

The room height of the high rise warehouse is 25 meter and Constructor has delivered the pallet racking containing 12,140 pallet places. The racks have a proper weight of 460 ton, and 62,500 bolts have been used for the assembly. The warehouse can store 11.495 ton of cheese.


The warehouse is divided into three different storage sections with individual climatic control. In two of the sections the cheese goes through a maturation process and as such these sections have a manufacturing functionality, whereas the third section is a finished goods warehouse. All three sections are fully automated, and the pallets are picked and stored by 6 cranes. It only takes 15 seconds from a crane receives a pallet, until it is placed in a rack in 25 meters’ height.

In terms of control engineering the warehouse is managed by a batch management program, and thus only the batch server knows the past, future and location of each single cheese pallet in the individual storage sections.


Number of pallet places: 12.140