Fashion & Footware - Chausport store, France

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Fashion & Footware - Chausport store, France

The company ID Nollet specialises in the interior design of shops. When asked to design the new Chausport stores (15 openings per year), it consulted Constructor to equip the stores. Its aim is to “restyle” and to optimise all of the space in this new generation of stores.

The Solution

The Compactus® solution from Constructor was chosen. Thanks to this system, it was possible to do away with the traditional stockroom at the rear of the store as the stock kept on the premises is stored in the store itself.

Given the high cost per metre square within stores, this enables them to use all of the available space for sales.

  • The equipment comprises 5 mobile blocks and one static block, fitted with shoe displays and decorated with the logos of the big brands.
  • They can only be accessed by the sales staff that is able to obtain the models requested while remaining in contact with their customers.
  • They can then put the models which are not purchased back into the units, which enables good stock management.
  • The shelving units are equipped with hand cranks, the design of which contributes to the brand’s “sporty and dynamic” look.