DIY & Garden centres - Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

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DIY & Garden centres - Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

Due to an increase in demand Davidsen built three new warehouses in Odense, a total of 6000 square meters. Within these warehouses Constructor installed both cantilever racking for indoor and /outdoor use, pallet racking and ‘A’ racking.

Davidsens Tømmerhandel A/S is a 100% Danish owned timber yard and DYI centre with 7 shops in region south, for professional and private customers.


The 3 warehouses each contain cantilever racking for long goods storage and handling of both wooden packages and steel items. The pallet racking is used for the storage of all types of palletised goods, such as concrete and roofing felt. The ‘A’ racks are providing a well-arranged storage of articles such as fillets and skirting boards.


Number of single uprights galvanized (outdoor): 117
Number of arms galvanized: 468
Load per arm: 750 kg / 1200 mm
Number of double stems – RAL 5015: 124
Load per double stem: 6400 kg
Number of arms (750 kg / 1200 mm) – RAL 5015: 434
Length A racking: 100 meter
Load capacity P90 pallet racking: 1250 kg / pallet