References - 3p Logistics

  • 3p Logistics - Constructor reference: Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Their logistics centre in Denmark is 106,000m2 and provides warehouse and administration services. Four warehouses have been supplied with our galvanised system.

  • 3p Logistics -  Constructor reference: DKI Logistics, Denmark

    DKI Logistics, Denmark

    DKI Logistics daily distributes more than 40,000 pallets around Denmark. Furthermore, the company offers 3p logistics to their customers.

  • 3p Logistics - Constructor reference: Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts AB of Sweden is a well established third-party logistics supplier with a warehouse space of 35, 000 m².

  • 3p Logistics - Constructor reference: Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan realised the advantages of outsourcing logistics and storage, so we helped with the transition to Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg.

  • 3p Logistics - Constructor reference: Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Total storage space of Schenker Logistics in Sweden is now 170.000 m². A fast growing business concept. Schenker is one of the leading companies worldwide within logistic services.

  • 3p Logistics - Constructor reference: Servistik, Sweden

    Servistik, Sweden

    The warehouse has been restored and equipped with 6 large Tornado storage machines in addition to pallet racking P90 Silverline and traditional shelving system HI280.