Health care & Pharmacy - Smith & Nephew, Switzerland

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Health care & Pharmacy - Smith & Nephew, Switzerland

Smith & Nephew needed efficient storage for their products and associated packaging material. A Multi-Tier shelving system was installed for finished goods and Mezzanine floor to create additional capacity.

Smith & Nephewis an industry leader with four business units - Orthopaedics, Endoscopy, Trauma and Wound Management. Together, these four affiliates over 1,000 product ranges. It is looking at more than 150 years of development of advanced Medical devices for medical personnel around the world.

For the European logistics of their end-products, produced in Switzerland, Germany and France, Constructor Multi-Tier Hi280 systems was installed at an available space of 50 x 25 m.

For the storage of semi-manufactured articles and packaging material a Mezzanine with a length of 50 m and a width of 10 m was installed.