Partition Systems Cassette900


Partition Systems Cassette900

Cassette900 is a pre-manufactured flexible partition system made with steel. Cassette900 is primarily used within industry to improve the working environment for employees.

A poor working environment in a company can result in reduced productivity. Poor environment could be unacceptable noise, EMP (electro magnetic pulses), dirt or dust. These are the problems partition system Casstte900 solves by simply creating a partition between the unacceptable working environment and your workers.

A movable partition wall can easily be altered when there is a need to change the lay-out of a factory or office. In the range there are also pre-manufactured movable offices available, delivered ready for use wherever there is a demand for a workshop office.



Partition Systems Cassette900

The qualities of the Cassette900 partition system make it suitable for use in heavy mechanical industry as well as high technology electronic industries.

Partition system Cassette900 is a modular system based on pre-manufactured steel cassettes for walls and ceiling. The cassettes are filled with noise reducing mineral wool. The partition system has within its range window cassettes made from aluminium profiles and supplied with hardened glass (4+4 mm).

The ceiling construction is designed to meet the load capacity requirements and the specified level of noise reduction. The Cassette900 system is constructed of fire resistant material with verifying noise and fire testing. The partition elements are available in 50 or 100 mm thicknesses and heights from 525-3500 mm.

The partitioning system has been designed so that it will shield against EMP disturbance and this has been confirmed by tests conducted at the HPD simulator at FOA (Swedish defence testing institute) in Linköping, Sweden.



Partition Systems Cassette900

The Casstte900 Partitioning System is manufactured with 0.8mm thick steel and infilled with an insulation of mineral wool. Gypsum reinforcements are glued inside the cassettes for stabilising and fire reducing purposes. (When heat is applied to Gypsum it is transformed into water and steam cooling the partition elements).

Noise reduction is possible from 35-46 db and a high fire resistance depending on choice of design of joints.

Cassette900 is a well established complete modular building system and because of this fact it can be adapted for different applications, for use in industry/workshop offices.

The partition system can be built in one-, two or three tier installations. The offices can be used when there is lack of floor space and can be constructed hanging from the ceiling or built integrated with a mezzanine installation.

Cassette900 can be constructed as dividing partition maximum 10m height.