Storage cabinets


Storage cabinets

You will find lockable cabinets in more or less every industrial operation. Everywhere where there is a demand for closed, lockable storage whether it is to protect costly tools or expensive spare-parts or store nuts and bolts, documents or computers.

The benefits derived from using Constructor's Lockable Cabinets at industrial work stations are easy to see and casters make the cabinets portable and therefore quick to relocate when layouts change. Lockable Cabinets are also often found in schools and stores facilities in municipal and governmental institutions.



Storage cabinets

The LOCK-program consists of 4 different sizes of cabinets, LOCK5, LOCK10, LOCK16 and LOCK20.  The basic models of the smaller cabinets are equipped with two shelves and one extendable drawer as standard.  The two larger cabinets have 4 respectively 5 shelves in standard and can be supplied with desirable accessories.

All models can be equipped with casters for full portability. Steel Drawer Chest are supplied with 8 or 12 drawers and there is a large range of different dividing partitions.

LOCK5, H=915, W=525, D=525 mm. 2 shelves and 1 extendable drawer.

LOCK10, H=915, W1054, D=525 mm. 2 shelves and 2 extendable drawers.

LOCK16, H=1600, B=1054, D=530 mm. 4 shelves

LOCK20, H=2100, B=1054, D=530 mm. 5 shelves

Accessories: Chest of drawer 8 and 12 drawers, set of casters, adjustable feet, tool panel, extra shelves.