Pallet Racking - Anti Collapse Mesh


Pallet Racking - Anti Collapse Mesh

Anti Collapse metal mesh screens provide protection for your work force in a wide range of situations. 

Anti Collapse Mesh can be fixed to the rear of pallet racking or shelving to protect operatives when there is a potential risk from falling objects.  The system can also be used as a fence to reduce the risk to operatives from machinery, fork lift trucks or other mechanical handling and automated equipment.

Anti Collapse protection is suitable for use in ambient warehousing as well as chill stores and freezers where the open mesh does not restrict the free flow of air.




Pallet Racking - Anti Collapse Mesh

When used to protect operatives from falling items, Anti collapse mesh can either be fixed directly to the back of the racking or stood off from the uprights at differing depths to allow for the overhang of the pallet.

Mesh Fencing can be used to separate areas within a warehouse or to protect staff from fork trucks or automated handling equipment where the risk potential can be greater.  This type of fencing can also be used to create a bonded store or secure area within a warehouse when high value or hazardous items need to be stored.

When mesh fencing is used to protect operatives from the dangers of production machinery, it can be supplied with different apertures to conform to Health and Safety Regulations.


Pallet Racking - Anti Collapse Mesh

Anti Collapse Mesh consists of standard panels in varying widths and heights that are installed in a brickwork pattern for extra rigidity. The panels are supported by either free standing or rack mounted posts that can be configured to meet your exact requirements.

The mesh can be supplied with a painted or pre-galvanized finish in a variety of apertures including 25mm x 25mm to suit aerosol storage. The standard doors can be sliding or swing with the option of automatic closure in the event of fire. When the anti collapse is being used to form a secure area, a range of locks are available to meet your insurance or health and safety requirements