Vertical Carousel - Paternoster


Vertical Carousel - Paternoster

The IPN Paternoster is an excellent solution for optimising picking times, particularly when a batch picking process is being used. In addition, their rotating automated storage system saves floor space by providing efficient, height optimised storage.

Paternoster’s offers closed, safe storage and protect products from dust and light damage. Retrieval points can be set up on different floors and the faster product turnaround times offered by Paternosters mean that the warehouse picking operation can be reduced by as much as 60%.

The work environment is safe and ergonomic, as carriers are transported to the optimum working level.

A Paternoster is the perfect system for storing many different types of goods. It offers rapid processing; the Paternoster will always takes the shortest route to the operator, as well as minimising the number of picking errors.



Vertical Carousel - Paternoster

Fit more goods in the same space - saves up to 70% on floor area.

Picking time only 15 seconds per row.

Reduces picking errors by two thirds.

Ideal for batch picking.

Combines reliable technology with decades of experience in global deliveries.

Low maintenance requirements serviced by a highly skilled maintenance network.

Provides a safe, ergonomic work environment.

Easy to integrate with many WMS solutions.

Prevents unauthorized use - reduces stock losses.

Offers a separate, durable and secure frame.

Well lit picking face that can be closed and secured electronically. Multiple picking faces on more than one floor level are also available.

A safety light curtain and photoelectric cells above and below the picking face protect both the user and the goods

Controller equipped with a graphical display and an alphanumeric keyboard.

Carrier dimensions suit most standard picking trays.




Vertical Carousel - Paternoster

Carrier widths: 2850 and 4100 mm
Carrier depths: 420, 520 and 620 mm
Carrier capacity: 600 kg max per carrier
Space between carriers: 201-493 mm
Total capacity:  15 600 kg maximum
Total widths: 3703 and 4953 mm
Total depth: 1836, 2036 and 2236 mm
Total height:  3040-14 890 mm
Electrical connection: 400 VAC
Motor output: 4 kW
Control system: PaC100