C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems


C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems

C-WIS is a sophisticated logistics optimization system for stock keeping companies. C-WIS is an analysis tool with the purpose of obtaining continuous, operational improvements. C-WIS is the”cockpit” of the warehouse which deals with real time data from the company’s ERP or WMS system. A monitoring function provides you with an actual insight into capacity and capital binding with specific proposals for changes.

C-WIS is helps stock keeping companies with constant optimization of working methods, goods’ flow, locations, capital binding, manning and layout. Changes happen all the time, both in the outside world and internally in a company, thus challenging its ability to stay efficient, adjust the managing processes and information flow in the warehouse.

By means of the double ABC analysis in C-WIS you get the possibility of classifying the articles, and rank them in proportion to their relative importance and relation to each other.

C-WIS can provide you with an action program to free tied up capital in terms of:

  • Right service degree
  • Optimized warehouse stock
  • Minimizing obsolete articles
  • Early warning for no run dry
  • Purchase methods

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Modules & Tools

C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems

C-WIS custumer data



In the Manager module you can administrate the C-WIS program (user rights, structure etc.), and also undertake an export or import of the layout and complete system information.


Import Tool

The Import Tool is an efficient part of the program where you can automatically import and also convert customer data into C-WIS and also to identify the necessary data to run the customers warehouse in the C-WIS system.



In the Designer Tool you can create layouts (2D/3D) with all kinds of equipment, financial data etc. you can also setup the material flow and the way of working. Models of existing or new warehouses can be simulated with or without real data to find out the optimal solution.



In the Setup module you can create storage locations, decide strategies for pallet handling, picking, working areas and ABC structures.



In the Evaluator module you get a detailed analysis (multiple ABC analyze, order material flows) of imported data in the form of graphs and reports.