Lean products and Picking


Lean products and Picking

The picking unit of Constructor is a storage and handling unit designed in order to raise the effectiveness at assembly and production lines. The construction is made in order to get the highest possible supply of components and at the same time reach an optimal environment from ergonomic point of view.

Crucial for the competiveness of many companies are short lead times. This fact is basically coming from the car industry and is an continuously ongoing process in order to shorten lead time but is a reality for all companies having assembly lines.

The picking units are loaded from the backside and the components are transported on leaning rollers to the front of the picking station. Eventually empty cartons return on leaning shelves the opposite way.


Lean products and Picking

The picking units are located at assembly lines and are a vital part of the assembly process. The picking units can be supplied with lockable casters in order to meat demand for fast lay out changes.

The design is based on a strong frame construction with posts manufactured of pre- galvanized steel and stabilizing diagonal bracing and in some designs horizontal beams. In the posts leaning shelves are fixed, extension units and wheel tracks or any of all the special designed accessories in order to meat various demands of design. The picking units are designed to meet demand like: speed of picking, weight of components, sizes of cartons, frequency and supporting supply system. Always customer designed solutions for supply and handling of gods in connection to the work station. 

Our construction is based on well working components of our own designed supplied with quality secured articles from sub suppliers. The concept is adapted as new demands are rising from the industry.

The most important reasons for the development of the product concept are demand for secure and fast supply of components as well as safe, well designed work stations in combination with new increasing demand from authorities of the work stations from ergonomic point of view.     


Lean products and Picking

The frame work of the picking units is manufactured of hot pre galvanized steel. The large range of accessories consist of: 

  • Extension units, floor running with casters in front and models for beam mounting, one way or double working. Loading capacity 600 kg. 
  • Foot support in aluminum
  • Wheel tracks in different design
  • Leaning shelves, mounted in the picking unit or side hanging with or without wheel tracks
  • Work modules. Direct mounted in various depth, 650,700, 800 and 850 mm. movable in steps of 50 mm. Max load per shelf 150 kg.
  • Extendable shelves and work tables