Mobile Shelving S90


Mobile Shelving S90

Oceans of virtually dust-free space are created by the ergonomically designed Constructor S90- mobile storage system. We will develop the perfect solution for your particular filing and storage situation, taking into account your specific needs and wishes.

• The mobile storage system can be adapted to any construction and fitted around specific building constraints, such as pillars and ventilation shafts.

• The drive system ensures effortless movement of the mobile system, regardless of the content or the number of racks.

• Various locking devices help protect the contents of the mobile units from unauthorized access.


Mobile Shelving S90

Focus on space efficiency

• Almost doubles the storage capacity.

• Adapts to the building constraints; all objects, such as pillars and ventilation shafts will be integrated in the design.

Focus on effortless operation

• With a choice from 2 different drive options, S90-mobile adapts to its load capacity, ensuring effortless operation.

Focus on safety

• Can be equipped with aisle safety to prevent movement of the mobiles during storage and retrieval.

Focus on protection

• Available as completely emission free storage system.

Focus on security

• Base-to-base coupling, to interconnect mobiles

• Aisle lock, to lock the movement of cranck

• Double doors, to lock a number of sections

Focus on quality and sustainability

• High construction quality and perfect finish.

• Complies with standard SFS 5187

• Produced according to ISO 9001

Focus on design

You can choose finishing options:

• Front panels may be finished in steel


Mobile Shelving S90

Rail options

Solid rails, manufactured from hot- rolled and zinc electroplated very strong steel, can be fixed:

• In the concrete floor

• On the surface of concrete floor

• On the surface of concrete floor with ramps


• Mobile base length up to 8 meter

• Mobile height 139 mm

• Shelving height: up to 3030 mm in 92 mm increments when using S-90 post- frames

• shelf depths: 300, 400, 500, 600

Load capacity

Maximum load per mobile base: 5000 kg

Block weight is depending of number of rails and type of frame

Block weight can be moved by changing the number of rails

• max 800 kg when using S-90 posts