HI280 Multi tier shelving


HI280 Multi tier shelving

Count yourself lucky if you can use a high building for your storage activities. There is a wealth of empty space up there, just waiting to be utilised. With our Silverline multi-tier system, you have at your disposal a very solid and stable construction.

Make maximum use of the cubic space

Mezzanine beams, stairways and handrails are designed to conform to the requirements of the latest regulations and make it simple to design and install a first rate storage solution that makes maximum use of the cubic space.


HI280 Multi tier shelving

Focus on multifunctionality

  • Suitable for storage in stores, depositories and archives.
  • Long objects can be accommodated covering a number of bays.
  • The open frames can also be fitted with extra deep shelves, accommodating double deep storage.
  • Single sided shelving placed against a wall.
  • Double sided shelving placed in the room for access from both sides.

Focus on flexibility

  • The system’s construction includes mezzanine floors and beams, stairways and handrails.
  • Single tier or multi-tier, mobile shelving or overrack platform - all applications are part of the HI280 system.
  • Available in open and closed frames.

Focus on convenience

  • Immediate yet secure access to all items in storage.
  • The open frames of HI280 heavy duty shelving give you an immediate view on all the stored items.
  • The open frames of HI280 heavy duty shelving allow 100%  ventilation.
  • Quick and easy assembly – simply slot together.

Focus on design

  • Galvanised.

Focus on quality

  • In conformity with the latest regulations for multi-tier storage systems
  • High Durability.


HI280 Multi tier shelving