Accessories - Pallet Racking K90 Standard

Accessories - Pallet Racking K90 Standard

  • Shelf


    Use to store all kinds of goods and items.

  • Frame protector

    Frame protector

    A robust barrier, ideal for protecting vulnerable areas from forklift truck damage and impacts, longer runs are available.

  • Upright protector

    Upright protector

    Protect-it can absorb large impacts and easily attach to a column without additional fasteners.

  • Floor mounted Upright Protector

    Floor mounted Upright Protector

    A substantial form of protection for pallet racking uprights, protects against low level impact damage caused by forklift trucks.

  • Tunnel Guard

    Tunnel Guard

  • Barrel Base

    Barrel Base

    To storage of cable reels or oil barrel.

  • Foot plates

    Foot plates

    Foot plates to distribute downward thrust evently.

  • Floor Mounted Column Guards- Inside Fix

    Floor Mounted Column Guards- Inside Fix

    Increased protection for pallet racking uprights without outside floor fixings.

    Inside Fix has been developed in response to demand from customers. It incorporates all the protection features of the existing Column Guards but by having the fixings inside the guard, it also prevents possible pallet damage. These internal fixings include rubber bushings which act as shock absorbers to minimize the effect of any impact.

    IMPORTANT: All damaged column guards must be replaced immediately.