Steel sheet cupboard


Steel sheet cupboard

Flat material like sheet and board, especially the combination of flat and heavy material demand special storage and handling solutions. Pallet racking is one option. Cantilever another, but even better our own design - the Steel sheet cupboard – for this kind of material.

Constructor call it Steel sheet automat or Steel sheet cupboard. It is a rational and highly effective system from storage and handling point of view for storing of flat steel and other types of flat material. The Steel sheet cupboard is an ergonomic solution. It demand very little space and minimize damages at storing and handling.  

An often occurring problem for many manufacturing companies working in steel and other flat material is storage and handling. Due to this fact and expressed wishes from customers the Steel sheet Cupboard has been developed as a problem solver for storage of flat material. The Steel sheet cupboard is manufactured in three sizes and create large advantages as an ergonomic optimal aid at storage and handling of flat and heavy material. The material is often handled by rotating crane or by vacuum lifting.



Steel sheet cupboard

The concept is based strong profiled posts joint by reinforcing beams. This gives a high capability of sustaining weight of the bearing levels. These are constructed as extendable frames with stabilizing beams running on ball bearings for an smooth and easy access of  certain material.

The Steel sheet cupboard has thanks to it design become an effective storage unit often located in direct connection to the production. This fact reduce the picking time considerable compared with traditional picking of steel/sheet material. The extendable shelves are designed with an “in going waist” facilitating loading and unloading by forklift.


Steel sheet cupboard

The Steel sheet cupboard exist i 3 models included 10 extendable drawers as standard. Measurement between the levels is 90 cm. The highest level is 1485 mm. Every level can carry a spread load of 1500 kg. The frame work of the steel sheet cupboard consists of strong galvanized 120 mm posts. Max total load capacity is 15 tons.


  • PB120-2000/1000 material dim: 2000x 1000 mm. Measurements: 2478x 2265 x 1721 mm
  • PB120-2500/1250 material dim: 2500x 1250 mm. Measurements: 2978x 2765x 1721 mm
  • PB120-3000/1500 material dim: 3000x 1500 mm. Measurements: 3478x 3265x 1721 mm