The Ideal Warehouse

  • The Ideal Warehouse

The Ideal Warehouse

An ideal warehouse at any given time holds only the stock necessary to provide an optimum cash-flow to service ratio. High turnover stock items are held in easy to access locations and the most efficient picking routes mapped. Unfortunately the real world falls short of this ideal.

Some products have a relatively simple lifecycle, for others it can be dynamic, where demand perhaps is sea-sonable or as changeable as the weather. This changeability makes it vital for the warehouse and purchasing teams to have a realistic view of stock levels, location-by-location and item-by-item. This can easily be done using the multiple ABC analysis and simulation capabilities of C-WIS, where each item and location is identi-fied in the system. It considers the large variety of product and business parameters and the output is visually colour coded in the 3D simulation tool for the user to easily understand the current position.

Capital rationalization

The warehouse is the place where all the "wrong" decisions become visible. If we had only one customer, one article and one supplier – then we would not have any logistical problem. But all too often we do not spend enough time on the critical 20% of the products, and too much time on the 80% less important products. By means of the multiple ABC analysis in C-WIS it is possible to classify the articles and rank them in proportion to their relative importance and relation to each other. C-WIS will help you to create an action program to free tied up capital in terms of:

  • Optimized service level
  • Optimized warehouse stock
  • Minimize obsolete articles
  • Early warning for no run dry
  • Influencing future purchasing strategies

Handling optimization

You can save millions on the bottom line by continuously improving your warehouse efficiency. C-WIS is a control system that helps stock keeping companies organized, constant optimization of working methods, goods’ flow, locations, capital binding, manning and layout. Changes happen all the time, both in the outside world and internally in a company, thus challenging its ability to stay efficient. This required adjust to the management processes and information flow in the warehouse.


A modern warehouse is a complex part of any company, with many parameters which must all be taken into consideration during a process of optimization and change. Here you can find the potential to obtain large savings by continuous improvements. C-WIS gathers and processes information from any ERP- or WMS-system. Based on this information C-WIS forms a general view of the traffic pattern and activities of the warehouse. This quick view makes it possible to optimize the exact position of the different articles and capital binding vs. delivery accuracy, new working methods, choice of truck types, picking routines, storage methods etc.


Planning - Future proof your business

C-WIS enables the user to change the variables of your operation in a test environment and observe the impact in a 3D simulation. A number of scenarios can be easily trialled and the visual changes this would make to your performance observed. It can assist with a Change Management process so staff can see what the future will look like before it happens. The influence on your financial performance can be assessed and the output can be used to support your request for investment.