Analysis assistance and consultancy

  • Analysis assistance and consultancy

Analysis assistance and consultancy

Working with your team our experts in business and logistics conduct a thorough review of your data and warehouse processes so they fully understand the intricacies of your operation.

A bespoke 3D-simulation is created for each warehouse and all relevant business data is extracted and analysed by the C-WIS multiple ABC analysis tool. This allows stock and operational processes of the project to be observed. During this phase a detailed overview of your current stock profile and their locations is generated, plus a 3D-simulation of your warehouse using real data.

If you require, annual or frequent consultancy can be arranged which can include:

  • Analysis of your warehouse data
  • Optimal stock level analysis
  • Review reports and KPI benchmarking
  • Proposals for improvements
  • Professional concultancy



Following detailed analysis, recommendations are made at article level on buying patterns, stock levels and physical location in the warehouse. Profit generated by product range or item can be considered and unprofitable product lines or suppliers identified.

There is potential to improve overall product handling by up to 25%. Stock vs service levels can be reviewed and various resource areas can be assessed to determine their effectiveness. Operational issues highlighted i.e. potential bottlenecks and alternatives trialled in the virtual environment. A monitoring dashboard is created to reflect the key drivers for your business.