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Warehouse optimisation through simulation

Constructor Warehouse Intelligence System (C-WIS) is a software platform that works with any existing WMS or ERP system and provides you with an actual insight into capacity and capital binding. By processing data from your systems, combined with additional business information, C-WIS carries out complex calculations of your stock balance and warehouse logistics with specific proposals for changes.

C-WIS is the market’s first and only warehouse intelligence system capable of using these vital metrics to categorise stock items in this way and improve efficiency. The suggested improvements can be as simple as amending stock locations or changing your buying patterns, which if done correctly can have significant benefits.

What C-WIS does for you:

cut in operational costs

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free tied up capital

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Constant monitoring to ensure highest efficiency

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If the concept of having the 'ideal' warehouse with a rationalised stock profile, located in optimum positions, with the ability to predict the outcome of potential change and ongoing robust monitoring capabilities appeals to you - then you have a requirement for C-WIS.

  1. Let our consultants help you. - Small or large storage solution, existing or new construction, our experts will help you.
  2. Get a license for the full version of the software. - For companies wanting to invest in a continuously optimised warehouse solution.
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    The Ideal Warehouse

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  • Analysis assistance and consultancy

    Analysis assistance and consultancy

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    The C-WIS Suite

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