IMHX 2013, UK

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IMHX 2013, UK


Date: 19 - 22 March
Stand: 17Q125
Location: NEC Birmingham
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 09:30 - 17:00,
Friday: 09:30 - 15:00

Dexion will be displaying a variety of space-saving and cost effective products at IMHX 2013. By applying its experience of warehouse optimisation and by "thinking inside the box" for its customers, Dexion can help organisations make real savings and improvements to their businesses.

See the day 1 summary video: 

The following products will be on display:

The Tornado vertical storage machine which offers safe and secure storage for small parts handling, making it particularly suitable for a variety of industries that store and distribute multiple components and small parts. E-commerce fulfillment businesses, in particular need to pick products quickly and efficiently in order to keep up with sales orders and fast delivery schedules. The Tornado vertical storage machine can save up to 70% on floor space compared to traditional shelving and can improve efficiency and help reduce picking errors by 60%.

To illustrate the speed and efficiency of the Tornado vertical storage machine, visitors to the stand will be able to pick all the parts needed to assemble a plastic toy racing car.

Alongside the Tornado, Dexion will be exhibiting its mobile pallet racking and HI280 shelving range. Utilising a clever clip together design and made from high-grade pre-galvanized steel the HI280 shelving range has a wide variety of accessories for any storage requirement.

Dexion’s mobile pallet racking is electronically controlled and runs on embedded rails throughout the warehouse. This efficient type of racking can save up to 40% on floor space and can increase storage capacity by up to 80%.

Dexion will also be running regular presentations on the stand highlighting ways to improve efficiency within the warehouse by cutting costs, optimising space and saving time.

Products on display:


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