Sterile vertical lift with height optimization for University Hospital of Odense

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Sterile vertical lift with height optimization for University Hospital of Odense

"Space utilization is much better with vertical lifts " says University Hospital of Odense (OUH) who has established a new sterile warehouse next to the current central warehouse.

The picture demonstrates Logistics Developer Jens Horn as well as Storage and Transport worker Anders Solberg at the inauguration of the new Tornado machines delivered by Constructor. The machines are used for storage of medical and surgical equipment that requires a sterile environment. For the same reason the machines are fitted with an air conditioning and ventilation system that ensures constant pressure in the machines.

Another feature at OUH’s new vertical lifts is that the trays are height optimized. This means that the control system always detects the highest item in each tray, and then the system finds a free space in the machine.

The merger of OUH’s different warehouses and the establishment of the new modern sterile storage facility is part of an overall plan to optimize the logistics of OUH.

A huge dishwasher for transport boxes and two new storage machines are some of the items up for OUH’s new sterile storage that is established between the central warehouse and the warehouse of Hospital Pharmacy Funen. Here the sterile goods are packed in sections in plastic boxes under sterile conditions, and then taken to the wards together with the other items.

Previously, sterile goods were brought out in special vehicles from the old sterile storage facility under the main building. In the future they are brought out along with the other products, and thus we can streamline workflow considerably and settle with just one daily delivery of goods to each department, says Logistics Developer Jens Horn from the Department of Purchasing & Logistics.