The future of storage

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The future of storage

Constructor is proud to introduce the new Compactus® Dynamic and Compactus® Dynamic Pro mobile storage systems. These electric driven systems bring even more functionality and comfort than the existing electric driven systems. Expensive? No! Years of experience and advanced technological developments ensure not only the best in functionality but also a highly compatible price level.

New generation electrical systems

Constructor introduces a new generation electrical storage systems:

Mobile cabinets:

Mobile shelving systems:

Museum systems:


Safety first

The new Compactus® Dynamic series offer two levels of safety as standard features. These are the Motor Current Monitoring System and the Passive Safety System. Adding photo-electric cells or motion detectors further enhance safety.

As one of the first mobile shelving systems, Constructor’s Compactus® Dynamic and Dynamic Pro have been certified for the world wide usable IEC 60950 certificate. Just as the EN 15095 certificate. With these certifications the safety of our electrical systems is fully guaranteed. That is our main care.


Ready for the future

The Dynamic Pro controller has an intelligent 3.5" LCD touch screen which offers advanced ease of use and is ready for the future. Integration with file management software, advanced access control, a programmable default aisle, an ethernet connection and time controlled night mode are functions that make an even greater contribution to overall workplace efficiency and performance.