Upgrade your IPN Paternoster with PaC-Light control

Upgrade your IPN Paternoster with PaC-Light control

PaC-Light control update package is developed for updating old Vertical Carousel control systems. It is especially developed for updating machines from the Constructor, but can be installed on other manufacturer's vertical carousels also.

Many Paternosters delivered in the past decades are still mechanically in a good shape, but the electrical parts and control systems start to be in the end of their life time. Spare parts are no longer available or difficult to get and the technology itself starts to be from yesterday.

With PaC-Light control update package these old Paternosters can be updated to today's technology and this way ensure new second lives for these machines. Also safety features are updated at the same time to meet today's regulations.

Installation of the PaC-Light control package takes normally one workday from two technicians, so the daily operations at the Paternoster are not interrupted for a long period.

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